If you are someone who is passionate and has extremely good wild fantasies and naughty creative talent then this is the perfect blog for you because we are going to talk about your wildest fantasies.


We are going to talk about how you can transform your wildest fantasies into erotic reality as we will decode all the best wild fantasies in the world.


These fantasies are extremely kinky and fun but your wife or your girlfriend might not appreciate doing them with you. That is exactly why you should hire an escort and fulfil all your wild fantasies.


And what better place to fulfil your wild fantasies than the land of beauty and freedom, Goa. You can come to us in Goa and hire your favourite escort as you help us know in advance what kind of fantasies you would like.


We would make sure to recommend the perfect escorts for you so that you can fulfil all your wild fantasies in a place of no judgement and fun.


So let us look at some of the best wild fantasies and how you can full fill them with us.






BDSM or Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission can easily be classified as one of the kinkiest and one of the most erotic fantasies out there.


Not everybody likes BDSM but if you are someone who enjoys BDSM then you are also someone who is really creative and has a good understanding of sexuality and sensuality.


It takes a complex and very mature mind to understand a fantasy such as BDSM. That is exactly why you should hire our escorts.


We recommend you tell us your fantasy so that we can recommend you the best escort for you to try out your fantasies and that includes BDSM.


You can have all the bondage fun you want with our cute and sexy escorts as they call you master and make you control their body.




If you think BDSM is kind of hardcore and you want something a little light-hearted and fun as well as funny sometimes then this is the perfect thing for you.


Roleplay is for fun individuals who are adventurous as well as passionate and like to act out amazing scenarios with great creativity.


If you are that kind of a fun and exciting individual who likes to roleplay with your partner then this is the perfect service for you.


You just have to tell us your roleplay desire and we will make it happen. Whether you become the policeman and your cute escort is the naughty criminal.


Whether you are the strict teacher and your escort is the undisciplined student. We will make everything happen. The delivery boy and customer is a super hit.


You can try out countless scenarios and you simply have to tell us your favourite scenario and we will make it happen with all the costumes and the perfect escort.


You can plan on being the helpless employee and the escort can be the sexy boss and you can be the stranger in a bar meeting your cute date, the scenarios are truly endless.




One of the other things you can do is try out this simple but sexy fantasy of erotic massage. Not every escort can do this and there are special escorts only at our escort agency.


You can have the best erotic massage in the world with our sexy and skilled escorts and the fun does not end there.


If you want to try out and do the massages yourself with oil and lube then you can do that too because it is all about satisfaction.


You can have a very sexy massage with essential oils and exotic oils and different hardcore techniques of satisfaction. You can ask the escort to do your favourite technique as well.


You can have the message in any position that you want and you can expect a very erotic and memorable time with your favourite escort.




Not everyone can do exotic dancing and pole dancing but you do not need to worry because our escorts are experts at everything.


That includes exotic dancing and stripteasing. You can request any kind of exotic dance and our escorts will do it for you.


You can ask them to dance for you in any costume that you prefer and they will make sure that your private sexy performance is memorable.


You can choose the music and the costume and you can choose the dance style and all you need to do is to sit and relax and enjoy.


We have some of the most talented and sexiest female escorts in Goa and they will make sure that your time in Goa is memorable.




This is one of the most unique and rare services we provide at our escort agency and this is the girlfriend experience play.


This is a totally different style of erotic adventure and the escorts that do this a different from any other escorts in the entire industry.


They are called GFE (girlfriend experience) escorts. They fulfil this girlfriend experience fantasy with great accuracy.


They have only one job to do and it is to be your girlfriend whether it is in their behaviour or dressing or communication or passion.


They will be here just like your girlfriend and they will be just as caring as your girlfriend and you will feel as if you are with your girlfriend.


They will make you feel like you are in a relationship without the baggage and negatives of a relationship.


These were just a few among all the different types of fantasies that we can turn into erotic reality and we just need your imagination and we can make it happen.


Whether it is something very common or whether that fantasy is something very rare, we will make sure to fulfil and satisfy all your needs.


We are Shweta Fun Goa Escort Services Goa and we are the most renowned female escort agency in Goa where you can hire some of the sexiest and most erotic female escorts in Goa.


We have the best list of escorts for you to choose from so that you can pick your favourite escort and we also have the best list of services that includes everything erotic and wild.


We welcome you to check out everything yourself and we are sure you are going to be satisfied with our services and our escorts in Goa.

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