Today we are talking about kisses because a kiss is something that is very simple but yet very sensual if done properly.

We are not just going to be talking about kisses but we will talk about the different types of kisses because there is a misconception out there that people only understand one type of kissing.

But in reality, there are dozens of kissing techniques but we will be talking about the five most popular types of kisses.

You can try out all these techniques with your partner but if you want to become a pro at kissing then you can try it out on a beautiful escort and we will talk more about that at the end of the blog.

So let us look at how you can become an expert at kissing by knowing the five most popular types of kisses in the world.

Here Are the Five Most Popular Kisses in The Worl

The French Kiss

We have to start the list with the most popular type of kiss and it is the French kiss because it is iconic and it builds a passion like nothing else.

In order to do this you should not go straight ahead with the kiss but you should focus on the tongue.  This is what makes it so passionate.

To start this kiss you must move ahead while maintaining eye contact and then tell your head so that your nose does not get in the way of the kiss.

You should focus on that tongue and then only and then move your lips and your tongue along with theirs while kissing their lower lip.

You should then move ahead and start kissing that upper lip but you must always make sure that there is a lot of tongue contact.

The key to this trick is to simply just do it yourself. The only thing to remember when you are doing French kissing with your partner or a beautiful escort is that there should be more tongue contact than lip contact.

This means you do not have to stay in a fixed position and you can have tongue contact and gently have lip contact.

Once you have enough tongue contact then you can concentrate on the lips and this is a very playful way of kissing.

The American Kiss

If the French kiss is a little too passionate for you and if you want to start up slow then the American kiss is the perfect option for you.

The American kiss is similar to the French kiss but you simply need to remove the element of the tongue.

You might call this a little bit more formal way of kissing and a less passionate way of kissing but if you are kissing someone for the first time then the American kiss is perfect.

You need to be playful and use your lips while you support your partner and you can hold the back of their head for a more firm kiss.

Since this is not a very passionate kiss that is why it is perfectly okay to do this kiss in public and this is also the type of kiss that is usually shown in movies and TV shows that are suitable for children.

The Peck Kiss

If you want something quick and if you want something light without a lot of passion but simply affection and love then this is the perfect kiss to do.

This is also a very simple kiss to do because you need to pout your lips and your partner needs to pout their lips and just touch your lips together for a small amount of time.

This is the type of kiss that parents do with their children as well and you can even do the peck kiss on someone’s cheek.

This is not very passionate and this is a very decent way of kissing someone in front of others and this is also the preferred way couples kiss each other goodbye when the husband or wife is going out to work.

This can never be as intense as the American kiss or the French kiss and this is not going to be like that but if you want to increase the intensity then you can totally transform the peck kiss into the French kiss.

Forehead Kiss

And now we have a very meaningful type of kiss which might not be passionate or sexual but it is certainly very beautiful.

The forehead kiss is simply when you decide to kiss your partner on the forehead to show affection and trust or maybe support them in a difficult time.

This might also be a kiss of celebration when you are genuinely happy for your partner and you kiss them on the forehead to show them that you will always support them.

This is also a universal kiss which means parents do it to their children as well. You do not need any technique to do this and this is a very pure way of kissing someone without being passionate or sexually charged.

But you must reserve this kiss for the most important moments because this is a very meaningful way of kissing someone and you should not use this all the time.

If you start using this all the time then it will lose its meaning and it will just become another kiss which it is not.

The Neck Kiss

The last type of kiss that we are about to talk about might not be very meaningful but it is surely the most sensual and intimate.

This is the type of kiss you do when you are just about to have sex because this kiss will turn up the temperature in the room.

The neck kiss is different for everyone and there is no special technique to do this and some might even refuse use to call this a kiss.

This is because this kiss involves a lot of sucking and it is a very erotic gesture when you kiss the neck of your partner and it is usually the man who does it to the woman.

All you need to do this is to kiss and suck as hard as you can without hurting them too much. If you do it just right then it will leave a beautiful hickey on their neck.

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