If you are looking for a good time in Goa then is the best place for you but there are so many red-light areas in Goa that you might visit them accidentally.

That is why today we are going to talk about some of the most active red-light areas in Goa along with reasons why you should avoid them.

These are very popular red-light areas where you can get affordable call girls but there is a problem with that.

That is the entire reason why we are bringing you this blog so that you can avoid these areas for your own safety and for your reputation.

So, before we talk about these areas, let us look at why you should not visit these areas and what is the actual problem with them.

The Problem with These Areas

The problem with going to random red-light areas in Goa is that it is not at all safe for you. And you are probably someone with refined tastes and you will not get to meet the best company in these areas.

There is an issue of safety as well simply because there is no assurance with these areas and you can even get robbed.

And the biggest issue with these areas is that they are illegal. Yes, prostitution is illegal and these areas will only offer your prostitution.

In order to get around that and to actually have a good time you should hire escorts who are not prostitutes.

And we will help you with that at the end of the blog. Before you do that, let us look at these areas to avoid.

10 Most Active Red Light Areas in Goa to Avoid

1. Baina Neighbourhood, Vasco Da Gama

The first red light district that you should completely avoid is situated in Vasco da Gama town and it is the Baina neighbourhood.

It is one of the biggest areas for sex work and it has a very bad reputation as an area that no proper gentleman ever visits.

That is why if you are ever seen in that area by your own people then it will be a very bad thing for your reputation.

This area is mostly for truck drivers and other locals but it should not be for you. The rates are very affordable and with those rates come the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and much more.

2. Calangute

The second area that we are about to talk about is not really as big as the first one and it is known for excellent tourist attractions and beaches.

Along with that, you should also keep your eyes open for prostitution and sex work activity because it is also very common in Calangute.

While there are no big brothels, sex work takes place in smaller hotels. So, whenever you visit Calangute, you should only book high-end hotels with a good reputation.

3. Mapusa Town

Mapusa is a popular town in North Goa and it is renowned for its markets as well as tourist destinations.  That is why you should not completely skip it and it is a very good place in general.

But you should also keep a look out for red light areas and sex workers because it is also something that is a problem in the area.

While there is no specific area with large-scale prostitution but there are definitely lodges and hotels that are shady and run prostitution rings in the area.

That is why you should avoid those neighbourhoods whenever you visit because they are not for you.

4. Colva beach

South Goa is not really as clean as you think because South Goa has its fair share of red-light areas where prostitution is very common.

It is so common in fact that Colva Beach has a few regions that you should avoid. While the primary customers for these sex workers are tourists but you should still avoid them.

A good thing to do is to only stay in reputable hotels and enjoy the local beauty and you are going to find a lot of amazing activities to do in Colva Beach.

You can take part in water activities and enjoy the nightlife but you should stay away from the red-light areas.

5. Margao Commercial Center

If you are in Goa then you are probably going to visit Margao because it is a commercial centre and it is located right in the middle of Goa.

It is renowned for its markets and the nightlife is amazing but there is amazing architecture and culture as well.

However, there is also a very big red-light area in this region which you should completely avoid. It is in fact a very big tarnish in this otherwise amazing place.

That is why you should keep an eye out for your surroundings whenever you are in Margao.

6. Ponda

If you are in Central Goa then you are probably going to visit Ponda because it is amazing when it comes to its cultural heritage.

It has some of the most famous and revered temples in Goa along with a very rich culture of history but that history is being tarnished by a red-light area.

This is because it has a red-light area and while authorities are always trying to make sure they shut it down but they still manage to pop up.

So, you should completely avoid going to these places if you ever decide to visit Ponda.

7. Curchorem

If you are in Goa then it is easy to avoid this industrial town because if you are a tourist then will not have any reason to visit Curchorem.

This is because it does not really have any tourist attractions but yes, it is near the Dudhsagar Falls and so that might be one of the reasons for you to visit the area.

But you must keep in mind that this industrial town has a very big problem of having one of the biggest red-light areas.

While authorities are always trying to make sure these kinds of illegal activities are stopped but it is very difficult to do so and that is why you should avoid the red-light area and keep your eyes open.

8. Panaji

If you are in Goa then you are probably going to visit the capital because of various official reasons and because it has one of the most vibrant economic areas.

Panaji is renowned for its markets and it is also one of the best places to be during cultural festivals but you must also keep in mind that it has one of the biggest red-light areas.

That is why whenever you visit Panaji and you feel like exploring, you must ask the locals which areas you should not visit and you should stay away from those areas and only enjoy all the beautiful things Panaji has to offer.

9. Anjuna

If you are visiting North Goa and you plan on going to popular beaches then you will probably visit Anjuna town as well as the Anjuna beach.

You should definitely do so because it has some of the most stunning beaches as well as amazing nightlife along with beautiful markets.

But when you decide to visit Anjuna, you must keep in mind that there is a red-light area in the region and that is why you should always stay cautious and not visit those areas.

10. Vagator Beach

And at number ten we have Vagator Beach and it is one of the most stunning beaches in Goa and you should definitely visit it for its beautiful views.

Vagator is also known for its amazing parties but unfortunately, it also has a red-light area. Sometimes tourists fall into this trap.

That is why you should ask the locals about which areas to avoid and only book nice hotels and go into reputed places to avoid the red-light area.

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