Goa is beautiful but it is not just because of its beaches, there is so much more to Goa than just the beaches.

That is why we have an exciting blog for you because we are going to talk about everything except the beaches of Goa and why you should visit these places.

We are going to list some of the most breathtaking and beautiful areas of Goa which you can visit with your friends or even your partner or your family.

However, this list is very subjective and you might have your own opinions and we would love to hear them in the comments so that we can keep updating this blog.

So, let’s look at some of the places in Goa that are not beaches but just as beautiful and breathtaking.

Here Are 10 Places in Goa to See That Are Not Beaches

1. Aguada Fort

We see a lot of blogs missing out on the historical places of Goa but we are not going to do that and start with the most popular and iconic fort of Goa.

If you want to know more about Portuguese colonization and history and if you want to learn more about it then this Ford is a good starting point.

The area is beautiful and this fort is certainly one of the most iconic things to see in Goa and did we mention it has an amazing lighthouse?

2. Dudhsagar Falls

The second name on our list is definitely going to be the iconic Dudhsagar Falls because it is probably one of the most famous waterfalls in all of India.

While it might be a little bit more difficult to reach than all the other places on the list but once you make the journey whether it is by a private car or the railways you are going to love every bit of it.

The reason why this is called Dudhsagar Waterfalls is because the waterfall is so majestic that the water foams up into a milky white colour that looks spectacular. You should definitely not miss it.

3. Chorao Island

Goa is not just about parties and beaches because Goa is also about culture and traditions and beautiful people and you can experience just that if you visit this Island.

The best thing about Chorao Island is that it is still not very popular in the mainstream which means if you visit it you are not going to find a lot of tourists.

You are only going to find lovely locals and experience the countryside of Goa which is often overlooked among the other attractions such as beaches.

4. Chapora Fort

We have another fort for you. The thing about forts in Goa is that they are completely different from any other kind of food you have seen in India.

These are forts that overlooked important routes and waterways and Chapora Fort is just that. That is why one of the best things about these forts and especially this fort is that you are going to get breathtaking views.

While this fort is a little run-down but you can visit this place and relive the moments of the film Dil Chahta Hai because it was actually shot in this fort.

5. Harvalem Falls

We hope you are enjoying this blog as we are trying to bring you not only the places that are popular but also the places that are amazing but yet undiscovered by regular tourists.

That is exactly what Harvalem Falls is because it is not as big as Dudhsagar Falls but it is amazing because of the entire atmosphere of the region.

You can definitely visit these falls and try out the local culture and have food with the locals and experience the region properly.

6. Mandovi River

Since we will not mention any beaches we thought why not mention one of the most beautiful rivers with one of the best mangrove systems out there!

And if you want to experience this river then the best way to do it is in a river cruise. The cruise boats operating on the Mandovi River are fully decked with all the luxurious amenities that you can think of.

While this is not going to be as adventurous as paragliding or going on a speed boat but this is truly one of the most amazing things you can do in Goa that is not beach-related.

You can cruise the river and enjoy good music and good food right on the river cruise.

7. Corjuem Fort

Goa has some large amazing forts overlooking grand beaches but it also has some beautiful small foods.

This is exactly one of them because if you want to visit a four that is not surrounded by tourists and is situated in a beautiful location then this is it.

You can view the countryside and you can get amazing views of the river from this fort. This is a very small fort which also means that this is perfect for children and older people because they don’t have to walk a lot.

If you are visiting this fort and other forts in Goa then you must do your own research about the opening and closing time before you visit.

8. Basilica of Bom Jesus

If you want to experience Spain or Portugal right in Goa and if you want to look at one of the most iconic structures in Goa then you should definitely visit this Basilica.

You are going to be spellbound by the beautiful architecture and the fact that it is nearly 400 years old will add to the beauty of this building.

But wait till you go inside this splendid Church because you are going to be surrounded by peace and quiet and spirituality so that you can spend some amazing moments in it.

9. Arvalem Caves

The beautiful thing about Goa is that it has waterfalls and beaches as well as history but also caves. Arvalem Caves are some of the most legendary caves in Goa because they are not natural formations but man-made caves.

They are believed to have been built by Buddhist monks and they are quite simple yet when you know that they have been caved from a single rock into different chambers then you are truly going to be amazed.

You should definitely visit them and do a little bit of research on your own before you visit them so that you can truly appreciate these caves.

10. Fontainhas

Goa is the perfect blend of Indian and Portuguese culture and if you have never visited Goa then you might have a mental image of the Portuguese neighbourhoods of Goa.

And if you want to experience something exactly like that as if you are in a Portuguese neighbourhood in Portugal then you should definitely visit the neighbourhood of Fontainhas.

You are truly going to be surprised by the simplicity as well as the vibrancy and beauty of this beautiful neighbourhood and you can even try out the local delicacies that are found in this neighbourhood.

We hope this blog will help you plan your next trip to Goa and with truly hope you are going to visit all of these places that we have mentioned above or even some of them.

These were our choices but we would always recommend you do your own research and find out for yourself what are the places you want to visit.

And like we always say, Goa has everything for everyone because if you do not want to visit the beaches, you now have a lot of other good options.

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