Today we are going to talk about one of the most common questions asked about Goa and which is whether you should visit North Goa or South Goa.

We will tell you how to choose between North or South Goa as we will talk about all the different things you can do in North Goa vs South Goa.

We will also help you decide which is the best if you want to visit Goa for travel or if you want to visit Goa for beaches.

While this is not going to be a direct North vs South Goa comparison because both of them and unique and have many unique things about themselves, we will help you understand which one to choose based on your preference.

Having said that, you are never going to be disappointed with any tourist destinations in Goa because if you choose Goa for vacation then you can find best places in North Goa as well as best places in South Goa.

So, without making a direct comparison between them, we are going to talk about the unique attributes of North Goa and South Goa individually as we will look at Goa hotels as well as the Goa nightlife and much more.

Unique Attributes of North Goa

· Nightlife

If you are looking to visit Goa for the nightlife and by that we mean night markets and nightclubs as well as casinos and parties then North Goa is the best place for you.

You can find the best markets such as the Anjuna Flea Market as well as the Mapusa Market. You can find some of the best nightclubs in India if you visit North Goa.

You can choose between nightclubs and different kinds of parties whether you like it a classic way or whether you like techno parties or rave parties.

You can choose a new nightclub every day of the week and you will still not run out of nightclubs after months. That is why if you are a party animal then you are going to love it.

· Beaches

If you like loud beaches with a lot of water sports activities and adventure activities then North Goa is for you because you are going to love all North Goa beaches because of their energy atmosphere.

There is so much to do but you are always going to find the ambience to be crowded and a lot happening all the time.

North Goa is surrounded by some of the most popular beaches in India such as the Calangute beach or the Baga beach or the Anjuna beach.

You can experience things like Banana boat rides and jet skiing as well as different kinds of other water-based activities.

· Historical Locations

If you want to visit historical places and places of cultural significance then you are also going to get that in North Goa because there are many amazing forts and basilicas.

You can check out some of the most famous churches in India that are hundreds of years old and you can even visit an amazing archaeological museum that showcases life in old Goa.

You can also find heritage towns where you can experience the Goan and Portuguese culture and you can experience what it means to truly be in Goa.

· Ambience

If you like a very energetic ambience full of people and full of activities that are loud and vibrant then you are going to love North Goa.

North Goa has beaches and clubs and casinos as well as markets and tourist destinations and that is why it is always going to be interesting.

If you are visiting Goa for the first time then you should not skip North Goa because it has amazing ambience and Goa is probably most popularly known for North Goa.

But that does not mean you should not explore South Goa South Goa is also unique in it’s own self and we are going to talk about that.

Unique Attributes of South Goa

· Beaches

You are also going to find beaches in South Goa but if you already have an idea of what Goa beaches look like then it is going to be completely different.

There are a lot of famous beaches in South Goa such Colva beach as well as Agonda Beach. But the ambience of those beaches are completely different from that of North Goa.

You are not going to find a lot of people and you are only going to find the most peaceful ambience ever. These are secluded beaches that have still not become popular in the mainstream.

You can explore these beaches and a lot of other beaches along the entire coastline and visit surrounding villages and look at the local life and culture.

· Relaxed Staying

If you are visiting Goa with your family and you need a quiet place for staying with your loved ones and enjoying nature then South Goa should be your choice.

South Goa has amazing villas and resorts where you can stay for months and enjoy the beautiful ambience without a lot of tourists.

In fact, it is the choice for celebrities when they require a bit of private time for relaxation because they can get privacy and there are not a lot of people visiting South Goa as compared to not Goa.

While it is not going to be the cheapest option since it is still quite exclusive but the experience that you are going to get there is second to none.

· Nature

One of the most popular reasons why people visit South Goa is simply because of nature. If you are someone who loves nature and who loves peace and quiet then South Goa is for you.

You can find amazing green fields, coconut trees and lush greenery and rural Goa untouched by modernity and lousy loud tourists.

While you are going to miss the energy of North Goa as well as the markets and the nightlife as well as the adventure sports but if you are not into that and only into nature then South Goa is perfect for you.

· Markets

South Goa also has markets but they are different from the North Goa markets because you are not going to see a lot of night markets and flea markets.

But you can find a lot more indigenous handicrafts and good quality handmade goods in South Goa markets.

You can get better deals as well because the overall quality of the goods is going to be better.  However, all these markets are only open during the day.

You will not be disappointed in either North Goa or South Goa but it all depends on what your preference is because if you are someone who likes vibrant locations and nightlife as well as adventure sports then North Goa is for you.

If you like laidback fun and a relaxed ambience then South Goa is for you because you are not going to find a better natural paradise than South Goa with its beautiful and peaceful beaches and fewer tourists.

We hope you find the perfect Goa for yourself because Goa has something to offer for everyone but it all depends on what you want.


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