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Welcome to another blog by us at Shweta Fun Goa where we talk about why escorts prefer and like in-call services better than out-call services.

While we provide both at our escort agency in Goa, let us dive into the mindset of escorts on why they like in-call services better. It has to do everything about their comfort and it also has to do with the comfort of the client.

Escorts mostly go for out-call services but they prefer in-call services both for the benefit of the client as well as the escort. It is a win-win situation because of the following reasons which we are about to talk about right now.





In order to understand this, we must think from the perspective of the escort. An escort is someone who gets to meet amazing men. But sometimes they meet rude and bad people.


This is completely out of her control and that is why if the place and the area are chosen by her and the client gets there then she can at least be sure that she is in a known place.


While we have never had any incident like that at our escort agency but we have heard about such incidents happening.


That is why it is just a piece of mind for the escort to meet the client in a place that she likes.


There is also the issue of illegal filming which we have also heard about in the escort industry.  Sometimes the hotel staff can hide secret cameras.


If the escort can choose a place she is comfortable with, then there is no risk of hidden cameras.


While we trust our clients to do nothing like that but we cannot totally guarantee that about all hotels because we do not control them.


That is why it is a lot easier for an escort to have peace of mind whenever the client comes to her place.




Imagine you are going to someone’s home and going to a completely new location.


Now think of the person who is inviting you. Among the both of you, the person who is inviting you is always going to be more comfortable.


This is because they can choose and control everything such as the decoration of the place and the food and the music.


That is exactly the case when we are talking about escorts because being an escort requires a lot of confidence. This is the confidence that comes with skill and experience.


Because it takes a lot of smartness to meet new people and have an amazing time with them.  That is why if the escort gets to do that in a place that she knows then it adds to the confidence.


It adds to the comfort because she can set up the room or the apartment to her liking and it is her home or her place of work which is definitely going to be more comfortable than any unknown hotel.




You might think that it does not cost a lot to move around in a city. Now think about moving around in full makeup and in the best costume and dress.


There is also the issue of discretion if you are trying to date an escort you do not want the whole world to notice the escort coming to your hotel room.


There is also the issue of time because the escort has to come dress up in the best way possible and it will take time for her to get the perfect transport.


That is why if you go to her place then there is no issue with that because she can dress up as well as she likes for you. She does not have to compromise with how complex the makeup and the dress is.


You can even request her to dress in anything you like and only you can see her, not the world and that way it is very convenient for the client as well as the escort when they choose in-call service.


We are going to talk more about the privacy part in the next point.




Escorting is not wrong or even illegal in India. However, society might not feel like that and escorting can be seen as a bad thing in society.


Now for example think of a client as someone who is a family man who is just trying to date someone younger and spend some time with someone who is very attractive.

It is just like counselling or therapy but much sexier.


The client is just hiring a professional to spend some quality time with but the client might not want the world to notice that. The client might be from a very conservative society.


That might also be true for the escort, they might not want the world to notice them in their profession.


That is why it makes the most sense that the client visits the escort rather than the escort visiting the client. The client gets to be in a place where nobody knows him or notices him with the escort.


And the escort can stay indoors maintaining her privacy and the privacy of the client.


And the escort will always want the best for the client and that is why they might recommend the client for an in-call visit.


Discretion is important in our world. This is even more important if the person who is the client is a celebrity and has cameras always pointed towards them.


Now think of the controversies that it will generate if a very well-dressed lady goes into their hotel room. That is why an in-call escort service is the best way to ensure privacy and discretion for both the client as well as the escort.

We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand why escorts like in call services better than out call services and why it is also very good from the perspective of the client.

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