If you are new to hiring escorts then you have probably heard of the words escorts and prostitutes. You might have even confused one for the other. Today we are going to tell you the difference between escorting and prostitution. We are going to help you understand what is the escort service. And we are going to tell you how it is different from sex work.

So, let us start this blog with simple meanings of the two terms escorting vs prostitution.


Escorting is nothing but a service to provide companionship to people. It is when you hire an escort to accompany you personally, socially or professionally to spend time with you. There is no sex involved. You can hire escorts to take them on dates or attend events with you. You can hire escorts to simply spend good quality time and have good conversations. Escorts are beautiful and intelligent and they can sometimes even act as therapy to people seeking a good connection.

Escorts are professionals who are trained so that they can be excellent at conversation. They are also trained so that they can enjoy and take part in social interaction. Additionally, they also can be a romantic service where you can take them on dates. Escorts hard by no means sex workers. They are required to understand people and connect with them emotionally.


The simplest definition of prostitution is consensual sex in exchange for money. Prostitutes are not trained to be good at conversation. They are also not expected to accompany the clients on social occasions. Nor do they have to have a good level of intelligence and conversation skills.  They are simply there for one job and that is sexual services. There may or may not be sexual penetration involved.

Prostitutes are quite different from escorts and it is a much less nuanced job than an escort.  There is no concept of sexual protection when you are meeting an escort. However sexual protection is a necessity when someone is hiring a prostitute.

Let us now look at the differences between escorts and prostitutes.



The first and the biggest primary difference is the kind of service that they provide. Escorts provide social interaction and they accompany people and provide companionship. It is their primary nature of service. Prostitutes provide sexual services. Prostitutes do not meet people at social gatherings and they do not have deep conversations with clients. Escorts can accompany clients to different social events such as parties etc. But prostitutes do not necessarily need to go anywhere outside their area of operation.


As per the Indian laws, escorting is not illegal and it is nowhere near illegal. It is seen similarly with other services such as therapy and other professional consulting services. It is totally safe and legal to hire an escort anywhere within the territory of India. Prostitution on the other hand falls within a grey area when it comes to laws. Because it is not illegal to provide sexual services for money. However, it is illegal to operate a brothel. It is also illegal to ask for this kind of service from anyone or pimping. Kerb crawling is also illegal. It is also illegal to encourage prostitution. This means that the best thing to do would be to stay away from anything related to prostitution.


Prostitutes have no obligation to provide emotional companionship and support to clients.  Clients do not even expect it from prostitutes because they are simply here for sex. However, escorts are required to act as companions for the duration of the service. They are required to be very social and very friendly with clients. Escorts are also required to engage in meaningful conversation and they are also required to connect emotionally with clients. This is one of the key differences between escorts and prostitutes. Prostitutes offer a very simple service which is sex for money but escorting is very complex.


While we cannot say if one is more expensive than the other but here are some things you need to understand. Prostitutes charge clients based on the services that they provide. This price is calculated based on the different kinds of sexual acts they need to perform. It is simple to calculate and it is not abstract. However, when it comes to pricing for escorts the pricing is not based on a single act or a single kind of service. It is an entire experience and there can be a very big difference between base prices and prices of high-end escorts. It all depends on the kind of escort you are hiring as well as the kind of dating experience you want. To be simple, prostitution is a shallow service-based job and escorting is a rich experience-based job.


The social implications are different when it comes to escorts and prostitutes. Escorts are socially accepted and nobody is going to bat an eye if you hire an escort. Prostitutes on the other hand are a totally different argument. Society does not see prostitution in good light. And if you engage with a prostitute then your character is questioned. That is not the case with escorts because escorts are professionals who are accompanying you on several occasions.  Even if you do not want to have a romantic or emotionally charged time with an escort, you can simply hire them to an event where single entry is not allowed. That is the primary difference between these two different professions. You will not see any damage to your reputation if you hire an escort and you will not be breaking any laws.

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