Sex workers are not bad people they are just in bad circumstances and that is why today we are going to find out how to properly empower sex workers so that they can lead a respectable life.

However, before we start the blog, we would like to say that Goa escorts are not the same as Goa sex workers because sex workers offer sex for money and escorting is a totally different profession to that.

Having said that, let us find out how you can utilise empowerment programs to spread awareness of equality and empower sex workers to get back to a respectable standard of living.

We will be primarily focusing on legal rights as well as social inclusion but mostly on skill development.  So, here are the ways in which we can meaningfully empower Goa sex workers.

Simple Ways to Meaningfully Empower Goa Sex Workers

· Provide Them Basic Education

If you talk to any sex worker and if you do a survey then you are going to find that most sex workers are in this trade because of bad circumstances in life.

Most of them did not willingly come into this profession and most of the sex workers in Goa are not educated and do not even have a basic educational qualification.

This is something to consider because when someone does not have a basic education then they might not know the difference between respectable work and work that is looked down upon in society.

That is why one of the most impactful ways in which you can change the life of a sex worker is to provide them with basic education. We are talking about the education that a child receives till grade 10.

If you can do that then it will encourage them to pursue higher studies so that they can actually develop a skill and go into other professions that are respectable and legal.

· Provide Them with Social Enterprise Skills

There are a lot of skill-based and demand-based social enterprises where the individual does not need higher education.

We are talking about jobs that do not require a lot of education like cleaning staff or food packaging staff as well as cottage industry labour.

That is why if you can teach sex workers other skills that can ensure a basic income then most sex workers are definitely going to leave sex work and pursue a respectable job.

It can be anything from teaching them how to operate basic tools and helping them get established in the packaging industry that needs a lot of basic skill labour.

While it might be difficult to get them assimilated into such an industry but many NGOs specifically create companies and cooperatives where only sex workers can work.

That will ensure they have a no-judgement zone so that they can simply work hard and earn a respectable living.

· Carry On Awareness Programs

Empowerment is not just about rehabilitation but empowerment is also about educating sex workers about health risks.

That is exactly why if you want to empower them then you should carry on awareness programs that talk about a lot of things.

These awareness programs can be about anything from sexual health awareness programs to teaching sex workers about contraceptives.

It can also be about creating awareness of the importance of education so that the children of those sex workers can get a better education and escape the sex work industry.

There are also other awareness programs that you can conduct that will teach sex workers about basic things in life such as creating a bank account and other official documents.

If you want complete empowerment then you can also conduct awareness programs that teach sex workers about legal rights so that nobody can harm them.

The environment that sex workers work in is very hostile which means they might face bodily harm and assault and that is why teaching them about their rights will help them get better justice.

· Give Them Better Healthcare

One of the basic ways of empowering sex workers is to give them better access to healthcare.  This is because in the ideal world, everybody has equal rights to healthcare but that is not the reality.

A lot of hospitals and private medical facilities do not want to deal with sex workers and even if those hospitals take in sex workers, the sex workers hesitate to go there.

This is because sex workers mostly suffer from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that are taboo in society.

That is why creating health drives and medical camps next to brothels is a good way to ensure sex workers get the proper treatment just like anyone else.

You should also make sure that these medical camps have not only have regular doctors but also specialists who are experts at treating STDs and STIs. That is the best way to help them if they are suffering from any sexually transmitted diseases.

· Provide Them with Financial Help

One of the best things you can do to empower sex workers is to support them if they want to leave sex work and go find another job.

Perhaps they want to start a small business or small store. Perhaps they want to start manufacturing simple goods in their own home.

But the problem with this kind of small venture is that it still needs capital and sex workers do not have a lot of capital.

The problem with this is that they can’t approach banks for loans because they simply do not have anything to put as collateral.

That is why if you can set up a system to provide financial help to them in the form of small loans with little or no interest then it will work wonders.

It will give them the push to start their own businesses and start their own ventures and be financially independent.

Once someone is financially independent, they can achieve anything they want and transform their lives.

We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand why empowering sex workers is such an important thing for society and how you can do it.

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