Escorting is one of the most refined and one of the most regulated industries in India and especially in Goa will some of the most professional and hardworking people.

Let us understand escorting a little bit better and get to know escorts in India as well as their impact on the Goa nightlife by breaking certain myths.

Why Are There Myths About Escorts?

We all know that escorts, whether they are working for an escort agency or independent escorts, are excellent companions whether it is to spend some time or even as travel companions.

They are highly professional and they make sure to stay courteous and professional in different situations and meet client expectations. This is the actual truth about escorts.

You can take them on dates and go visit markets and experience the Goan nightlife and escorts actually boost other travel-related industries too.

But a lot of people do not know much about escorts and they have never hired an escort and that is why there are myths around escorts.

These myths actually damage the industry’s reputation and also damage the reputation of the hardworking and professional escorts in the entire escort industry.

There are myths about escorts simply because of misinformation and we want to break it once and for all.

So, let us look at some of the biggest myths about escorts in Goa so that we can take care of them not just for our clients but for the entire escort agency in Goa.

Here Are the Biggest Myths and Truths About Escorts in Goa

· Myth 1 – Escorts Are Prostitute

Truth – Escorts are not prostitutes and these two are completely different professions let us tell you why.

Prostitutes are sex workers and they offer sexual services in exchange for money and that is just about it.

Prostitutes might be skilled in sexual gratification and many other things but only sexual gratification is expected from them in exchange of money and nothing more.

Prostitution is a very easy-to-understand profession because there are no complex dynamics about it. But when we talk about escorts, it is a completely different kind of service on a different level.

Escorts are not just there for sexual certification but they are there to spend time with you and they are there to be good company.

People spend money on escorts so that they can have a good quality time with someone who is intelligent and extremely good at conversation and not just someone who will provide sex.

Yes, you can get intimate with escorts too but that is just because of the heat of the moment.

People do not hire escorts just for that.

People hire escorts for the experience of being with someone intelligent and beautiful.

· Myth 2 – Escorting Is Illegal in India

Truth – Escorting is Completely Legal in India and is a very regulated Industry.

The confusion starts when people start to confuse prostitution with escorts because prostitution is illegal in India and exchanging money for sex is illegal in India.

Escorting is not prostitution and escorting is not exchanging money for sex because escorting is all about spending some quality time together.

That is why there are no laws that make escorting illegal. Just like there are no laws that say breathing air is illegal because it is not.

In fact, escorting is so legal that there are not even licences issues for escorting as it is seen just as any other profession where the professional or the escort is providing their services.

These services can easily be compared to the services of a therapist or a companionship club.

Even though there are no legal boundaries or licences required, we still make sure to stay in touch with the local police authorities at our agency. This is so that our clients as well as our escorts can be safe.

· Myth 3 – Escorts Sell Drugs in Goa and Are Criminals

Truth – This is completely far from the truth because we don’t even know where this myth came from.

Escorts are professionals and they are not drug peddlers. In fact, they stay away from drugs and anything illegal because they are professionals and it can damage their reputation as professionals.

Yes, there might be some activities related to drugs in Goa just like it is all over the world but the escort industry stays away from it.

In fact, we have some of the strictest drug policies in our escort agency where we undertake the most detailed background checks about the escorts

We deal with their medical history and we even study their mental health in order to find out if they even have a relation with any kind of drug in the past or present.

That is how we are able to avoid problematic escorts and only hire the most professional and the most honest escorts.

This is also the case when it comes to their background and we also check that in order to make sure if the escorts have been in trouble with the law before.

We make sure there are only professionals in our escort agency and no criminals.

· Myth 4 – It Costs a Lot to Hire Escorts and Only the Super-Rich Can Afford Escorts

Truth – This is also something completely far from the truth. This is a very old myth and there might have been a time when this was true and hiring escorts was expensive but that is not the case now.

While we cannot speak for other agencies but we make sure that we have escorts for everyone at our escort agency.

There are different categories and different price ranges so that if you want a budget escort then it is very easy for you to hire one and you do not have to be someone very rich.

Of course, we also have premium, upscale and VIP escorts but that is the premium category and yes it might be a little bit more expensive to hire premium escorts.

But we have so many options for regular escorts. It is very much possible for any corporate employee or any small business owner to hire escorts and experience total bliss.

We always make sure that we have escorts at different prices and categories so that everyone can have an amazing time in Goa. Of course, that does not mean that we are going to compromise on the quality of the service.

We hope you now understand the truth about the biggest myths around escorts in Goa. And if you are someone who would like to experience the amazing feeling of hiring an escort then we are here for you.

We are Shweta Fun Goa Escort agency and we have the finest female escorts in Goa as we are the fastest-growing and most popular escort agency in Goa. We also have the most creative and the most fun services for you to choose from in Goa.

We welcome you to experience pleasure and good company with some of the hottest and sexiest ladies in Goa with our services.

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