Today we are going to talk about how you can be a model escort for a luxury escort service because in order to become an elite escort model there are a lot of things you must keep in mind and the list is even bigger than becoming any regular escort. Let us go through these things on how to become a model escort so that you can maintain safety and security as well as carry on the escorting in a way that will ensure your career growth.


However, we must tell you that the process might be different for different regions depending upon the rules and regulations as well as the demand for celebrity model call girls. There might be places where it is actually quite easy and you can transition from modelling to an escort career and there might also be places where utilising that personal branding in order to become a model escort might be quite difficult because there is no demand for it.


Let us find out what are the important things you must keep in mind on how to become a model escort for a luxury escort service.






If you are reading this then you are probably new to the escort industry and you probably do not have a lot of idea about luxury escort agencies. That is why the first and the most important thing that you need to do is to do market research in order to find out the best-reputed escort agencies in Goa or any other place where you want to be an escort.


After you have done your research, you must shortlist a few of the names that you prefer based on they are reliability and demand as well as their reputation. Once you have done this you are already a lot better acquainted with the escort industry and this research will help you throughout the process.




Once you have shortlisted the escort agencies your next step would be to communicate clearly and effectively with those agencies so that you can express yourself and eventually get selected as an escort in their agency. You must be able to reach them through the proper channels and email them about your request and find out whether they have a vacancy because if there do not have a vacancy it will be waste of time to keep talking to them.


Then you must send something like a CV which should specify your work experience and you must also specify your experience as a model as well as all the places that you have worked in because you might never know if a single little piece of information about the smallest work experience might actually help you get the job. You must also attach a portfolio to that with different-angle photos of yourself and this is important because looks play an important role in the escort industry.




Now you have done whatever you can do before they decide to contact you and the only thing that remains for you is to do research about the profession so that whenever they might call you, you can effectively show that you are a good escort. And if they decide to call you, you must visit them for an interview which is going to be very professional. You can pack two sets of clothing where one will be the formals that you wear to the agency and the other will be the fancy beautiful costume that you are going to wear as an escort.


You must be professional throughout the interview and you must answer whatever questions they ask of you and you must also show that you understand client relations because it is a very important aspect of being an escort. If you are selected then there will be a point in time when you will be working as a temporary employee and that is the point where you need to prove yourself during this probationary period.




During the temporary period, you must maintain excellent hygiene whenever you are going to meet clients and you must never be late for appointments. Do these two things and you are already on your way to becoming a permanent employee. You must also make sure that you distinguish yourself from others and build a personality that is easily recognisable and loved.


In the meanwhile, you must also pay importance to personal safety because while the escort agency will do screening of the client but your safety is in your own hands and you must take care of that.


This was a general list of things to remember if you want to become a model escort for a luxury escort service and our recruiting process is quite similar. However, we pay close attention and importance to the screening process and our probation period is also very long so that we know for certain that we are selecting only the best escorts to be our employees permanently. Our selection process is quite strict and only the best of the best make it to Shweta Fun Goa.


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